Mixed Multitudes

"MIXED MULTITUDE: The Congregation Tehillah - Riverdale Y PASSOVER SEDER WORKSHOP for INTERFAITH & MULTICULTURAL JEWISH FAMILIES" 4 Sunday sessions | Feb. 23, Mar. 2, Mar. 30 and Apr. 6, 2014 | 4 PM - 6 PM | The Riverdale Y - 5625 Arlington Ave., Bronx, NY 10471.

MIXED MULTITUDEa Passover Seder workshop in four parts, is designed to help multicultural and interfaith Jewish families weave their diverse backgrounds and cultures into the Seder experience.  The Torah says that when the children of Israel embarked on the Exodus, a MIXED MULTITUDE went out from Egypt. Traditionally, the rabbis have interpreted this to mean that some Egyptians and other peoples joined the Ancient Hebrews in the journey.  A MIXED MULTITUDE, peoples with different histories and stories and cultures, embarked on a journey to the unknown, but sometimes this powerful aspect of the original Exodus is forgotten. Sometimes, people in interfaith and multicultural Jewish families have felt lost, dismissed or alienated. 

In this workshop, we will revitalize the MIXED MULTITUDE aspect of the Exodus, so that instead of being spectators or checking parts of our identities at the door,  our experiences and diverse backgrounds become integral to the Seder Experience. Each year, we are commanded to participate in the Seder as if we were there, experiencing the Exodus for the first time. Each year at our own Seder table is an opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and participate in the original MIXED MULTITUDE, embarking together on a journey of discovery.  Whether you're Jewish or not, come journey with us in this four-part workshop series as we help you and your partner bring your voices, your stories, and your journeys to the Seder that you will be attending or making by:

·        Creating a safe space to discuss the experiences of inclusion and exclusion,

·        Journeying together to study the themes of the Seder,

·        Designing ways of conducting a Seder to be inclusive and respectful of everyone's story and

·        Crafting a lasting memento of the experience through art --ceramics, poetry, collage, journaling--that can be incorporated into your family Seder.

MIXED MULTITUDE SCHEDULE: 4 Sundays in 2014 from 4 PM - 6 PM: Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 30, Apr 6,  held at the Riverdale Y, 5625 Arlington Ave., Bronx, NY 10471. Led by Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn of Congregation Tehillah and with assistance from guest artists. All texts, materials, and art supplies will be provided. Suggested contribution for the workshop series: $40 per family.  Childcare available. To register, contact Rabbi Linda: Rabbi@congregationtehillah.org | 718.884.4839



 If you …

• find that music, song and dance are some of the truest languages of the soul

• seek a progressive Jewish education for your child that believes critical thinking, Jewish identity, and spiritual growth go hand-in-hand

• seek a congregation that is liberal leaning and open to divergent views

• desire to be challenged and engaged

• have a reverence for the Jewish tradition and a hunger to know more about it

• believe that friendship and community bind us together, to the highest within us, and to the Highest in the Universe, then


Come to Congregation Tehillah!


CONGREGATION TEHILLAH meets at 4450 Fieldston Rd. (RYSEC), Riverdale NY 10471

info@congregationtehillah.org | 718.884.4839 | For location & service times, click HERE

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