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Tehillah Annual Gala
Saturday, November 12

Rabbi's Message:

We are back at the beginning again.

But we know that the beginning looks different every time we get there because the journey changes us. It teaches us.

On Simchat Torah, all in one service, we finish reading the end of the Torah and begin at the beginning again.  We end with the Israelites ready to cross into the promised land and the death of Moses, and we begin with the story of creation, culminating with the establishment of Shabbat.

With every passing year, a new question or understanding arises as we undergo this process of coming to the end of the cycle and beginning anew.

Think about the image of a still vigorous Moshe coming to the end of his days juxtaposed with the beginning of creation, with its depth of meaning and embedded tension.  Creation is contrasted with mortality and that which we understand versus that which challenges our comprehension.

This can be seen as an everyday struggle.  It is immediate, drawing our attention, even as we go through our day.  There can be flashes of awareness that something greater is afoot, something of great enormity that it is beyond reach. We are taught to bless the ordinary, which provides a window into the unfathomable mystery of creation.

Our lives are part of that unending fabric which is creation.  At close range it seems ordinary, but we need only step back a bit to marvel at the blessing and wonder of it all, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The beginning is a place of wonder.  The work of the journey in the process of creation begins once more...

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn

Tehillah in the World

We are embarking on a year of renewed emphasis on social action, which we are calling Tehillah in the World. This year, as part of your Kol Nidre pledge, we asked the congregation to volunteer to participate in one of these new Tehillah in the World initiatives. No amount of time is too little; what matters is that we all do what we can to help strengthen our commitment to social action as one of the pillars of our communal identity.

  • Interfaith Connections: Building on deepening our ongoing relationship with Sheik Drammeh and the Al Imam mosque.
    Contact: David Hyman david.hyman@lehman.cuny.edu
  • Syrian Refugee Crisis:  We are working closely with HIAS to support local families get settled. Contact: Ralph Leezenbaum ralph.leezenbaum@gmail.com
  • Bend the Arc is a progressive Jewish movement that advocates and organizes for a more just and equal society. Contact: Madeline Ritter madeline.ritter@gmail.com or visit http://www.bendthearc.us/.
  • Circle of Support is an outreach program for Riverdale Adults with developmental challenges. Contact: Madeline Ritter at madeline.ritter@gmail.com
  • Riverdale Jewish Unity is dedicated to working with other synagogues and congregations in Riverdale to begin to bridge differences and work on areas on common interests. Atara Fobar is spearheading this effort. Contact Madeline to learn more. Contact: Madeline Ritter at madeline.ritter@gmail.com

Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn


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