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A Reflection on Holiness

Buds bursting forth
A cloudless sky, brightly lit
Sun beating down
A holy moment

Hearing my beloved teacher, teach once more
Simply and with clarity
Taking in the words not with our ears but with our hearts
Hearts opened with the challenge not of perfection, but of being present to those we serve
Holiness in revelation

Passing on the torch of Torah
Hearing the words of the Mishnah ringing in my ears
Being in this place years later, not as a recipient, but now as a link in the chain of transmission
Holiness in action

And I am awed
And I am dumbstruck
And time stops
And when I awaken to the moment once more
It is almost too much to take in
Holiness abounds

So much is given and received
And so we bless this moment and all that led up to it
And a truth emerges

The holiness is there for us to witness each day – really?

And then being witness to
A sunset that takes one's breath away
Even as the moon begins to rise
Indeed each day abounds with holiness, only on some days, that which is holy is revealed and we are able to bear witness.