Weekly Message

April 18, 2019
13 Nisan 5779

Dear Friends,

How far are you?
I’ve made my gefilte fish, you?
I’m baking today, you?

Snatches of a conversation from the past that is no more
Yet they remain in my ear and in my heart

Preparation, so much preparation
What were we preparing for?
We weren’t going anywhere

Oh maybe we were.
A journey of the mind and heart
With a little or maybe a lot of physical labor thrown in
To remind us
To focus us
For us to know with a just a corner of ourselves
what it was like, to go from the place we had known into the unknown
Every year turning the house upside down, inside out

With our kitchens upside down,
A change of diet
We are reminded, firmly reminded
That feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger is what is needed
For we were once strangers, and some of us still are
There are lives that are torn apart and bearing witness is not enough
We must act, because we know, we remember

A taste of what they had known when they left their homes over the generations
A taste of what we bear witness to today all over the world

Wishing you a Passover filled with story, song, and caring,

Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Linda Shriner-Cahn